Travellers in Saltdean Park

You may or may not be aware that a number of travellers turned in Saltdean Oval Park on the evening of Tuesday, 17th July. They have congregated in front of the tennis courts and although the police were there quickly, it was too late to move them on. On the advice of police:-

the SRA contacted the council (councillors Mary Mears and David Smith are already aware of the situation and visited the site on the 18th July).

The travellers were requested to leave by 1pm and a section 61 request was made for a police eviction.

The request was refused so the council has commenced legal proceedings in order to obtain a possession order through the court process.

Mary Mears has promised to keep us updated.

If you wish you may add force to this action.
The following council web page gives advice on Travellers:-

The contact number for the Traveller Liaison Team is (01273) 292044 and their email is [email protected]

- you can emphasise the fact you are intimidated and concerned about doing your normal business in the park
- if you live locally it’s worth making the point there are two nursery schools in the park – which is a worry both for the children and the people who own the business if parents take their kids out

- make sure you get a reference number or some sort of notifcation they have your details.

We all know these things happen and there are legal steps to take – but the more pressure we put on the council the quicker they will act.


32 thoughts on “Travellers in Saltdean Park

  1. Why do these so called travellers seem to be above the law? Breaking the padlocked gate to gain entry, fouling within hours our beautiful park, with wild dogs excrement, dirty nappies and bones.Racing their 4×4′s through the park at great speed and great risk to our children and apparently taking toys from the local nursery grounds. Their presence is a threat to us all and we need them out ASAP.

  2. If I’d got there first in a caravan, (if I was sad enough to own one) I think I would’ve been moved on smartish! …so is there safety in numbers for these people? Why are they still there?

  3. Criminal damage, littering, causing a public nuisance, dangerous driving and endangering life.
    If this was done by a tax paying resident of Saltdean, you’d expect the boys in blue to cart you off.
    But buy yourself a caravan and you can do whatever you like.

    I’m considering using the old CIA trick of using loud noise 24hours a day to make them surrender. It might cause a bit of inconvenience for residents short term, but far less than two weeks of these parasites in our community.

    • Sounds good to me ….. as I have had to listen to their Music for last couple of hours , what do you suggest Des O Conner or something more annoying , how about Go Compare go compare !

  4. I’ve just read A. Lenton’s comment.
    If its true that they have stolen toys from the nursery, I’ll be making a donation to help replace them once they’ve gone.
    That’s just reprehensible.

  5. I have phoned the council but keep getting an answer phone. I want to know the answer to a couple of things. On Tuesday night I was alerted to the situation by e-mail, which said the police had been down already. I went down to have a look and there were no police to be seen anywhere, during the few mins I was there about 6 or 7 bans with caravans turned up and drove straight in without anyone there to stop them. I returned home to call the police to find out where they were, while I was doing this my wife went down, when she got there there were about 9 police cars and police dogs near the lido. My wife spoke to one of the officers who told her they were not there to do anything about the travellers but to deal with a break in at the lido, they soon moved on. I want to know why when the police first got there did they not put a car over the entrance to stop more caravans getting in the park, if this had if been done the few that we’re there might have decided not to stay. Secondly why did the police refuse to carry out section 61 and evict them. My wife walked through the park with a buggy and had to phone me about the reckless driving st speed through the park by the vans. Surely the trespass, incident with the lido and the litter and reckless driving is enough for the police to invoke section 61. I called the police but just ended up speaking to a monkey instead of the organ grinder so had no answers, on requesting any numbers or emails of someone in charged I was refused. Why do we bother paying our taxes for an inept police force who can find hundreds of officers to police an English defence league march in town but could not find one policeman to stand at the enterance of the park on Tuesady night. Sorry if there are any typo’s, I’m wrting this on my phone. Rant over. By the way it’s PC White who you need to ask for.

  6. I spoke to PC White earlier and it seems I was a bit harsh. The police have their hands tied on this but are on the case. The council should get the eviction on Tuesday then they could be gone by Friday. If you do see anything untoward, report it, but please give detailed descriptions. As for the nursery toys going missing I can confirm this. I went to pick up my son from Boomerang today, on the way in one of the travellers, as bold as brass was checking out the courtyard of both nurseries, he walked of back to the caravans after being challenged. I reported this to the nursery who confirmed the small nursery had its toys stolen that we’re left in the yard. Also the traveller children have been intimidating other children with nail scissors. Nice.

  7. I walked past Lido/park at 7pm this evening, there were two children taking the sticks out of the newly planted trees & calling to another child in the nearby caravan to join in the game. We have left a message for PCSO Chris Kingswood about this. We made contact with B&H Council early Wednesday morning but emailing them was only option to log concerns & request reference number: [email protected] Thanks to Bridget for keeping community posted.

  8. I took my dog for a walk this morning through the park where I was intimidated by 2 wild dogs who are now “protecting” their territory around the caravans. I managed to get my dog safely away from them but I then saw a cyclist suffer the same intimidation. A traveler stood and watched this happening and did nothing to control the dogs. I rang the police and reported this matter and was told that the information would be collated and that I should walk my dog elsewhere until the travellers are moved on! I was also told that this may take some time. Needless to say I WILL be back in the park later for our afternoon walk!

    • Hi

      I experienced a similar incident with those vicious dogs, yesterday i cycled through the park with my 1 year old son on the back of my bike. At least 5 small dogs chased us and they barked and snarled at us if i hadn’t of raised my feet i feel they would have bitten me, i only had flip flops on . This left my son and I terrified, I cycled to the road and fortunately they all ran back. This is unnaceptable i won’t even go through there now.

  9. I can confirm that this is the same group of travellers evicted from East Brighton Park on the same day they arrived at ours. So the police should have done something. However, on a more positive note, I have just been down to the park myself, without my dog, and met some delightful young dogs, saw no litter anywhere, apart from a young girl throwing paper outside her caravan, and was not, nor felt, intimidated by anyone. However, I did see a 4 X 4 trucking along at speed across the grass, which if it were muddy would cause a problem. My visit was without incident and I ended up giving one of the women a bag of dog food that is only for puppies that I was taking to the Co-op pet food charity bin that my dog had won a couple of weeks ago. They were very polite and thanked me. Having said that, I hear conflicting reports from everyone I bump into and would urge you to please contact Christopher Kingswood or Stephen Whitton if you witness anything untoward.

  10. Why can no one tell me why there is one law for the law abiding tax payer and another for the rest?
    These people have come from a country where trespass and criminal damage are illegal, so they come to a country where the law is a ass,a idiot.
    We now have a double imposition of not being able to use the park we pay for and also having to pay for the damage these people are doing

  11. I have to agree with all the above comments above and am so angry that yet again the rights of people who break the law are put above law abiding people.I had an E-mail from PC Chris Kingswood saying that Section 61 was not invoked because all the criteria weren’t met. The criteria for Section 61 state there must be neighbourhood complaints anti-social behaviour intimidation or harassment. The travellers had only been there for half an hour! There were complaints from surrounding residents as soon as the travellers appeared.So now we have to wait for all these other problems which are now happening. Toys have been stolen from the barn pre school. They are driving their very expensive cars very fast in the park. If Idid that I would be arrested on the spot. The police could and should have dealt with this in Tuesday night! The school holidays are here but my daughter and friends feel too intimidated to take their children there. There are very few amenities for children in Saltdean and even this has been effectively taken away. Well done Supt Whitton.If this goes on for any length of time I too will withhold my council tax. I would soon be in court for non payment of council tax something travellers never have to pay but there rights are always protected

  12. I am soooo glad that they are having such a good time in the park tonight , playing loud music and driving around the park at speed , shouting and screaming , I can only assume that when we get our park back we will be able to do the same , I also notice that the council has provided litter bins for them to use and as I have been picking up rubbish for years at the top of the park due to lack of bins provided hope they will leave them for us to use ! I also am not walking my dog in park as last time I tried they drove their cars towards me on the hill , I saw a child drop his trousers and relieve himself , I would have offered them one of my dog poo bags if I had been nearer and not felt so intimidated by them , happy they are having nice weather and enjoying all the park has to offer , shame we cant !!!

  13. The people illegally encamped in our park (Are Not) travellers in the true Gypsy`s sense of the word, they are probably citizens of The Republic of Ireland therefore, foreigners from another EU country, who have no doubt been resident in the UK for many years, most live at static caravan sites in Essex or the Midlands, many more own property in London`s East End.
    Mostly these people are illiterate However, they are certainly not stupid, using every trick in the book including their children to claim any benefit they can from our very
    unfair Welfare system, of course` they work in the Black economy this funds their very comfortable life style. You need only to look at their upmarket caravans, motorhomes and 4×4 vehicles they pose around in to see they are not hard up or a down trodden minority group. This all begs the question as to why (The Powers That Be) keep Banging on about Human Rights ?? These people are Free Riders or (Free Loaders) Someone who enjoys benefits of activity without paying for it, by withholding resources, imposing the costs of their activities on others. One consequence of free riding is the excessive use of a common property resource: because these people do not take into account the impacts of their actions on others, they take too much from the common pool. Another example of a Free Rider is someone who does not pay his or her share of taxes, ultimately this has a very negative effect on society in general.
    It would be nice to think that this group of so called travellers showed us some common decency and moved Today taking their mess with them! (Dream On)
    Eventually these people will be evicted. Before that happens, each family should be issued with an invoice by the Council for £200 (payable before they leave).
    £200 would be small change to them, the very least they would be doing, is contributing something towards cleaning up our Park.
    Sadly there many loser in this debacle and they are, the honest Council tax paying folk of Saltdean who reside here in our very pleasant suburb. Chris W

  14. I have also been chased by their snarling dogs, when riding my bike through the park on Sunday. I’ve also seen the same dogs inside the protected children’s play area in the evenings, so please be careful of dog excrement if your children are playing in there. When they are finally made to leave, could the gate be fitted with anti bolt cutting locks????

  15. Great , Another load of caravans have moved onto the park tonight , Rubbish all about , bottles ,cans,glass , etc ….not been able to enjoy our park at all …….reported to Police again , also people are now videoing the car races , aggressive dogs as the Police seem to be otherwise engaged ….maybe at the Olympics ? Hope this ends very soon ……as I would like to walk in our park again …….

  16. This is my second comment on the travellers and looking at above comments many people in Saltdean are as angry as I am. The worst thing Ithink is the feeling of frustration that nothing is being done to protect the rights of the law abiding working taxpayers of Saltdean. The case is apparently going to court tomorrow 24th July for an eviction order. If these travellers are not gone by Friday can SRA arrange a meeting for residents together with police so that the police and brighton and hove council can be told how strong the feeling is against these parasites. Something MUST be done and soon. To take over our park is criminal but as always they are above the law.

    • I agree with you , so fed up and feel powerless ……we need to fight this together ……..where is everyone ….they are all talking but not acting …..come on People …….we all stuck together over the Lido so lets fight this situation now !!! It is impacting on me and spoiling my day to day to life BIGTIME , LETS GET TOGETHER AND FIGHT IT …………Why should they take over our park and spoil it for all of us , We pay for it and yet we cant use it ……I am sick of the noise of their generators and their yapping dogs , and their 4 by 4 s and they have now invited all their friends to come and join the freebie party at our expense !!! So angry does not even cover how I am feeling right now !!!

  17. Yes we completely agree that collective action is definitely required, we Jane and John will be happy to attend and lend our support to any corrective action required .

  18. Immediate and practical actions for the council and the police to take:

    Lock the gate to stop more ‘guests’ arriving
    Cut off the water supply
    Lock the public toilets
    Confiscate the generators, using the powers granted under the Noise Act 1996

    No electricity, no water and no sanitation should quickly become inconvenient enough to prompt an exit.

  19. I agree entirely with LETS GET TOGETHER AND FIGHT IT
    If nothing happens in the court case today or they are given 28 days or even the right of appeal we should get together for a peaceful protest with placards in the Oval informing the local papers and the local TV stations what we are doing as it seems we have no Human Rights, this is wrong the police should have stopped them straight away, if we done anything near to what has been done by them we would be in court, so come on Saltdean lets show them we cannot be walked over unlike our Park

  20. Dear Residents of Saltdean,

    The families currently residing within Saltdean park are, ‘to be PC’ travellers. Because of course, one would not wish to offend. Therefore it is most important to observe the political correctness, when referring, or indeed addressing our guests!

    As we are ‘host’ to our travelling guests. We will of course expect for them to pay nothing toward their stay. We shall foot the bill, once they have departed, for the ‘clean up’ operation, in it’s entirity! Please do not worry yourselves with contributing at this point. The council will very kindly use ‘our’ money, from council tax paid. No one need feel left out. It is of course taken for granted, we all get to pay!

    Some local residents have wrongly accused the police of doing nothing! This is an untruth, that needs to be addressed. The mobile speed camera continues to operate upon the A259 coast road. Any ‘illegally’ parked cars (those outside of the park) have we are confident, had penalty notices placed upon the vehicle.

    For those contemplating racing, speeding or driving upon the grass within the park, please think again! This will be met with a very stern ‘raise of the eyebrow, whilst turning a blind eye’ from our local Police farce (Damn spell check!!) You have been warned!!

    Perhaps the ‘Police liason’ officer could enlighten us upon the travellers way of life and their existence within society! In order for us, not to pre-judge them.

    Finally…. For those who feel nothing is being done by the local Police, think again! The law clearly states, ‘Guilty by association’. Therefore ‘ALL’ that we have witnessed will be addressed and dealt with accordingly. Otherwise that would clearly show a favourable bias toward the travellers. The Police cannot be seen to do nothing as that would mean they have non jobs. As a democracy they are there to uphold the law and to protect us. At stake is our respect for the Police.


  21. Court order granted I have been informed that the eviction will take place tomorrow morning, perhaps we should all go down and wish or friends a safe journey as we have to be as PC and friendly as our local police force have been. God forbid we upset anyone!

  22. To all our fellow residents at saltdean. Last Tuesday after having my bag snatched I wonder who by!!! I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. Only to see our local police force moving the travellers from a grassed area close to the marina. The cars, vans speed along the sea front making gestures at passers by many without registration plates on the back and the police simply waved them through. I wondered at the time why did the police not set up a road block further up the road for each vehicle to be pulled and inspected and those not adhering to the law be removed instantly or clamped as would be the case if I was to drive my car illegally without number plates. A very simple way to remove these travellers from the road.

    The I returned home only to find my wonderful view to be overtaken by the sight of the travellers site. We called the police who did attend but seemed to just stand their or sit in their cars not taking any action, even against the ones who were still turning into the park, I mean why not block the entrance?

    Further last night more vans and cars arrived.

    So local authority and the police what are you doing? Why are more travellers allowed to arrive by the day? And why did you not stop each vehicle you must have seen leaving the area by the marina illegally and afford for the full strength of the law to be passed on to them?

    Further when I the local authority going to issue each of them a pro rata council tax bill in order they pay for their stay? They obviously have plenty of money given the amount of expensive card racing about our park.

    Residents of saltdean, I’m happy to protest with you, sign a petition relaying the threat and unrest we are all experiencing as well as our children and infants who have the right to the use of their park and all it’s facilities without the dangers and intimidation we all feel.

    If your interested in taking action I am too, let’s get our park and our safety back!

  23. Shame on the council and Shame on the police. This whole issue of unlawfulness could have been dealt with ahead of the circus arriving. Perhaps a police vehicle across the entrance to the park last thursday evening might have prevented the travellers
    from settling down and snuggling up for the night. Blue lights flashing after the event, hopeless, ineffectual, and very costly. Court order granted !!! Horse…………………… bolted, comes to mind.

  24. Let’s just see, I have no faith I’m afraid no doubt some do gooder will be plotting to assist these people with an appeal, all paid for by each one of us law abiding tax payers…

  25. Could we please stop calling these people travellers.They are not.They are Irish tinkers.In Ireland trespass and vandalism is illegal.That is why they are over here,where the law is a ass.

  26. I love the Irish Travellers.. Why cos im one my self, we love booting around in your shit hole park casuing trouble its what we do we have moved on now to burgess hill where we will do it all again

  27. Travellers are upon us once more.

    Surely not again!! How has this been allowed to happen?

    If the travellers have vandalised a padlock then surely there are grounds to remove the offenders immediately. If the gate has been left unlocked then someone surely needs to be held accountable.

  28. It would appear that due to the fast police response in restricting any more caravans entering the park this has meant those who had gained entrance have decided to leave.

    Within an hour of the initial invasion we are once again free of this infestation!

    Long may it continue and well done to our local constabulary.

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